Do ugly knuckles turn guys off?

i cracked my knuckles since really young, and now they're slightly athritic, I can't stretch my hand out and have my fingers flat or be next to each other without gaps. it looks a bit like a deformed hand.. like an old person's hand, just that the skin other than where the knuckles are is like a young woman's. does this turn guys off? my fingernails are of the longer kind though, if that makes a difference. I have been insecure about it since forever.. please be truthful :) oh and if possible, could you indicate your age please? thanks!


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  • Bad knuckles are unlikely to be a reason why a guy would be turned off by you. If any guy ever fed you that story it would be an excuse. A very lame excuse. There are many reasons why a guy could be turned of by a girl and bad knuckles is near the bottom of that list.


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  • i think if a guy gets to know you he will not care link


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