Guys what type of makeup do you like on blond girls?

i have freckles,a high forehead, hayzel eyes, fair skin, short scene/emo hair, side bangs. Also girls may answer


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  • 1. Freckles are cute, don't hate them

    2. Do you like your forehead? If not fringe it up, if yes, iunno try a quiff.

    3. Pick the best feature, eyes on lips? If its eyes then you have the best color for eyes. Hazel pretty much works with anything, the type of makeup you put on will then depend on eye shape. personally, I am a lips guy, so I tend to not apply too much makeup to the eyes, just some soft brown or black liner to the outer top and bottom eyeline (emphasis more on top, especially if you have those sad puppy dog eyes) and just some contouring to go with it. If you don't go with much on the eyes you can smash it with the lips, red and dark colors are unforgiving (make sure you don't get a shade of red that makes your teeth look yellow), if you are less into that maybe try a stain, peach, strawberry,whatever. You can create whatever you want using your desired eyeshadow mixed in with some clear lip gloss of your choice.

    4. Fair skin is incredibly rare and attractive. Don't mess it up by A: using a fake tan B: trying to get a real tan C: using too much makeup. Keep it light, fresh and don't contour too much or take the blush too far. Less is more for you. Let that skin shine through

    5. At this point I don't know much about hair, but all I know is make sure it frames your face well. If you have a square face (prominent jawline) then, unless you want to look like kurt russell, go with a hair style that frames it out. BTW if your hair is the style I think it is, few can pull that off, relish it. by the way that style works best, personally, with a heart shaped face (high cheeks, a wider higher forehead, tapering down to a relatively un-square chin).

    Most importantly, wear it with confidence :)

    Credentials: makeup artist for film and TV since 2009

    • i have an oval face, my hair looks kinda like a mullet :(

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    • - layers near that thing- what are you talking about?

    • i.e. create layers in your hair next time you get it cut at cheek or lips level

  • As little as possible. Freckles are hot. Maybe some mascara and some pink lipstick.


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