Should I or should I not?

Today is December. If you have participated in no shave November then you can start shaving again (applies to men, as November is national men's awareness month). However, when I shave, because I'm small and lanky I look like I'm only 17. I'm actually 22 and I want to look my age because of when I walk into bars etc...

I'm going to a party on Friday night with a girl I work with (it's a work party, nothing special, we've gone before, just not "together"). She's a tomboy and she jokingly said she'll wear a dress. Whether she actually does it or not I don't know but ever since we decided to go to the party together all she can talk about is the party and how we're "going together". IF and ONLY IF I shave, she might think it's a date. What happens if she doesn't dress up. How do I explain to her that I shaved for her..?

Side note. She's NEVER seen me completely clean shaven, trimmed, but never clean shaven


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  • Do what you want , what she thinks of it is her own business .


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