How do I get a nose job done? How do I find a surgeon that I can trust for a nose job?

Has anyone had a nosejob here? Please share any experience you might have. I will get a nosejob very soon. As soon as I get the money. Meaning within a few months. What I'm mainly wondering is, how do I know I can trust my surgon? Or any other inputs about things I should br aware of, are more than welcome. :) and Thank you!

Ps... Do NOT give me the "accept yourself" speach. I have been thinking this through for years and I KNOW this is something I wanna do.


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  • Make sure you get the best doctor your money can buy. Call references and may even look up his lic.

    #. Go with a natural look not a ski slop! Meaning nostrils in the air. Keep the nose well proportioned to your face. Enjoy!

    • Thank you!

      But call referances? How do I do that and what do you really mean?

    • People he / she has worked on before. And look at some of the before and after pictures by him

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  • A family member got nose surgery. She said it was painful/uncomfortable. It took a long time to heal & when it finally did it was deformed & she had to get 2 more surgeries. Make sure you research your surgeon before going through with it. Good luck!

  • I haven't had one but I would like one. Nose is okay but it's not as cute as I would like.


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