How much balding is "too much"?

Where does it cross the line where it would be a deal breaker when first meeting someone? Like for example, George Costanza from Seinfeld? Jude Law recently? Prince William (Duke of Cambridge)?


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  • can't really say because I'm not at that age yet but if a 19/20 year old has an obvious receding hair line... that is too much... but I have noticed it gets thin up there for some guys, which doesn't bother me.. really though, there is nothing you can do, so if I loved the guy it wouldn't matter, its a part of him you know, and bald is sexy.. well on some guys.. I guess it just matters how attracted I am to the guy and that makes up for it.

    • Yeah, it sucks that natural balding starts at the front and works it way toward the back of the head. I wish it was the other way around.

  • my husband was bald when we met and I thought he was really sexy. he's still bald and I still think he's really sexy :)


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