What do you think of a double earlobe piercing?

Nothing crazy just two holes in your earlobe instead of one. The second one is close to the first one. Does it look unsophisticated or immature? I want to look pretty classy so I wouldn't wear it to work, or if it is just two tiny studs in my earlobe can it still be classy even for work? I have seen women there with two holes in their ear and they are young professionals.

Do you like it better if there is only two earrings in one side and one on the other side, or would it look better in both sides?

I already have the second piecing but I stopped wearing it and on one side it is closing up. Deciding if I should wear it again, and if I do, if I should only wear it in one side or also redo the side that is closing.



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  • I recently got it, I like it. It doesn't look unsophisticated or immature. I've seen lots of people with them that look "sophisticated" or "mature", and that just looked nice and that's why I liked it so much...cause although its another piercing on your ear, it's not crazy, it's just nice. If you were to get your cartilage done...that's another story. Still popular but that one is definitely less "mature". Ummm I don't know if I've seen 2 piercings on 1 ear and 1 on the other...I think it would look better with 2 on each...I think that would look more mature too.


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  • I think having it only done in one ear would look best. Two would look overdone in my opinion. I don't think it would look bad. If you wear something classy like diamond studs that would look good.

  • I have two piercings and I like to where either studs (normal size or my favourites are little tiny colored dots)

    Sometimes I'll wear a stud in the upper hole and small hoop in the lower.

    Would look better with either one both sides or two both sides, it just looks odd otherwise!

    I know lots of people with two piercings - ranging from 16 to 60 - in various different professions. If you like it, go for it.


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