Girls who are ugly and fat can't afford to be rude and bitchy. Agree or disagree?

Girls who are ugly and/or fat can't afford to be rude and bitchy because personality is all they have going for them. Do you agree or disagree with this?

I think this statement is a bit superficial, but very true. It's no shock that guys will tolerate bitchy, terrible behavior from a girl as long as she's attractive and she puts out. Yet if a girl isn't attractive and she acts horribly, is it a double negative? Does it make her undesirable all together? Because there's nothing to balance out her unfortunate appearance. I'm sorry, but if a girl is ugly and/or fat, I kinda think she needs to be as nice and pleasant as she can if she wants to attract guys. It's already bad enough to be hard to love, but people become easier to love when they do have parts of themself that are attractive and desirable. I know a girl who used to have a very nice body, then she got pregnant. She had her baby and now she is so out of shape. Her belly is huge, her nose got bigger when she got pregnant and never went back to the same size, her face is so fat that you can't see the often attractive cheekbones that used to be there, and on top of all of that she has really awful acne that is so bad that even when it's gone, it's like the texture of her skin isn't nice and smooth, it's like a jagged scarred area kinda. She is not physically attractive. She looks really bad when she's rude, has an attitude, and blantantly decides to be a bitch just because she can because it's kinda like "Well damn, you're already ugly on the outside, you're that undesirable on the inside too?"

What are your opinions on this topic? What do you think about it?


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  • well the same can be said for guys, and I would put it on a scale really.

    Lets say every + number is a positive thing (for example either good looking or great personality). And lets say every - number is a negatve thing (poor personality, plain looks).

    Lets take 3 people. Jake, Jessica and Jennifer

    Jennifer is hot as hell, but a complete and utter bitch. We rate her body +3 and he attitude -5

    add them together and she is a -2. She is basically a mildly ugly person

    Jessica is not so good looking, but cheerful, smart and great to be around. Her body is a -2 but her attitude is a +6. In total she is a +4. Basically she is a decent catch.

    Jake on the other hand is really quite ugly. But he is the sweetest guy at school, thoughtful, intelligent and basically rediculously kind. His body is possibly a -6, but his personality is a +12, which makes him a +6. Decent catch for any girl.

    So that is my rating system, and it is up to the individual to determine what they are looking for. If you are a guy and you really desperately want a pin up girl as your partner, then of course you may place less emphasis on their personality and just look at their body. But a girl who is victoria secret material (+12 with the body) but also satans wife (-15) is still ugly, but obviously the hotter they are the less they need to worry about personality because many guys are willing to put up with more crap.

    The same can be said the other way around. The better someones personality the more the other person is going to overlook physical flaws, depending on the individual (if you really want a hunk lookalike nothing is going to convince you otherwise).

    The only downside of this (and I am admittedly uglier than most) is that personality is often not the first visible thing people see, so it is up to us ugly people to initiate the contact.

    Keep in mind however, in my experience, physical attraction hooks people in but personality convinces them to stay.

    PS wtf was I just writing...

    • Beautiful use of words :)

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  • It's a sad reality that an attractive girl is going to get away with more from a bitchiness standpoint than her less attractive counterpart. Then again, consider the type of guys that would willingly overlook a horrible personality for the sake of a nice body. Not exactly the type of guy a self-respecting girl should go for.

    • Awww yeah. I really like this answer :) I think for a lot of guys, they don't even realize that they're tolerating bs behavior just because the girl has a nice pair of t*ts, a pretty face, or she's good at sucking cock. I think it's a subconcious thing. Like "Yeah, she's a bit of a bitch, BUT she's such a trophy" like they can show her off and stuff. something along those lines.

  • Girls who are beautiful and in great shape can't afford to be rude or bitchy either. I'm sorry, but I would never date anybody I don't get along with and I'm sure a lot of guys would agree with me. Personality still matters for guys too.

    • I agree :) I don't think any girl can be rude or bitchy, but outside of what is politically correct; lets just be real. I've seen a ton of guys date beautiful, in shape bitches who are rude with attitude problems but treat out of shape, unfortunate looking bitches who are rude with attitude problems like they're worthless.

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    • I gave you a thumbs up, I love and appreciate your answer

    • Haha thanks :D

  • Well, people have different perspective of things.

    A good amount of people can say that overweight/chubby isn't their cup of tea, Which is perfectly fine and no one can truly judge them. Now if there is a bigger woman doesn't mean she can't be beautiful looks wise as well, that's why there is a saying called "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

    Some big women do have better looking faces then those who are slim/athletic/ average weight, then again some women who are slim/athletic/average weight can have a better looking face then those who are bigger.

    So in the end, a bigger woman can afford to be rude and bitchy if they want, no man wants to date a bitch women anyways or most men at least regardless if she's big,small, or in the middle.

    • I totally agree! There are some big women out there with stunning faces!

    • I gave you a thumbs up :)

    • Lol its okay thanks, not everyone is going to agree =)

  • been a bitch is part of a female perogative, who says that they are not allowed to be a bitch? and wtf does looks have to do with them having a mood or attitude.

    in my experience plain girls do tend to develop superior inter personal skills though, as to be honest lookers don't tend to have to try as men and even other women are usually falling over themselves to get their attention and earn their praise, well the immature and or insecure ones at least.

    Personally I have heard it said my girl is a plain jane, but to me she is the most attractive beautiful woman in the whole world, with the greatest quirkiest personality ever.

    And I love it when she gets the sh*ts with me and comes out all guns blazing, ala being a bitch.

    • So you're attracted to bitchiness?

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    • Conk?

    • sorry conk = slang for nose over here.

  • A bitch is a bitch whether she's thin, fat, ugly or beautiful. The same applies to men as well.

    • I'm not saying that a girl isn't a bitch if she's thin and beautiful. I'm just saying that realistically, guys will tolerate such sh*tty behavior from a girl who is beautiful with a nice body because it's like they build up this hope that she'll change or she's so good at making them come that they think it's worth putting up with. Just being honest

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    • I'm sorry.

    • :) it's okay, sorry if I overreacted

  • yep, even attractive girls shouldn't be able to be bitchy- I don't hang out with em.

  • kind of agree since a landslide of jokes are on tap for just the occasion

  • I agree!


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  • What a charming question! Maybe the real question is why guys allow pretty girls to get away with being rude and unkind. Surely that's not acceptable, however you look?

    • :) thank you! I know why they do it. They do it because they are immature, not understanding of respect, and for some, maybe a little stupid. I think they view it as "Yeah, she's rude, she has an attitude, but look at those dimples! Look at those pretty green eyes! Look at the way those curls flow down her black." or "Mannn, she's good at fuqing!" stuff like that. Guys place a lot of charm in appearance and sex. Have you ever noticed that in love songs, the guy will spend a good amount of...

    • lyrics talking about the girl's looks? Sex is such a powerful tool that some men truly believe it is something that they NEED. A selfish bitch who is very beautiful and very easy and very skilled in the bedroom can make a man fall in love with her, then break his heart. But because of her looks and what she can make him feel sexually, a guy can actually be enchanted by her despite the ugliness inside her. I've watched it happen many times

  • I agree.

  • when its a thin hot chick it's acceptable. when it's a fat chick its just gross.

    • well that's pretty ugly and superificial of you to say, dontcha think? You could have phrased that more gracefully...

    • yes, but it's true. unfortunately.

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