How can I look more my age so I won't get mistaken for a teenager?

I am in my mid twenties have a job, car, apartment, pay bills and a student and I'm interested in men my age and up who are also at the same stage of life that I am , but unfortunately young guys, between ages 17-21 approach me more often than guys that I would consider mature do. I am a petite lady and I can understand how someone can look at me from a distance and assume that I am a teenager or just way younger than I am but I feel insecure about this and I'm worried that my look is what is keeping adult men from approaching me. I have tried gaining weight before and ended up hating my appearance even more, I tried going to the gym to bulk up but found myself only loosing weight. Any advice?


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  • You'll appreciate this genetic gift in about 10 years when all of your HS friends start looking like prunes and you're Dorian Gray. make sure you're not wearing anything like skinny jeans. No sneakers. No crazy colored hair. No tats.


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