How can I wear loose tops without looking flat chested?

i am a 32 C which is not big but not small either. the problem is that if a wear a shirt that is even loose in the slightest I look completely flat chested. the only way to look like I have something up top is to wear a super tight shirt, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

is there any way to fix this?
i have a few empire waist shirts (the ones with the band under the chest) but the problem is for the most part those kinda shirts make me look fat even though I'm pretty skinny.


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  • I don't really get this as 32C is a decent sized chest. Are you sure you're wearing the right size bra? How much do you weigh and how tall are you? Maybe your boobs are getting lost in the rest of your body?

    If you're thin with nice boobs, wearing clothes that are too loose will tend to make you look more shapless than flat. Well fitted is best for your body type probably as it will show the shape of your boobs and that your body is otherwise thin.

    • yep it's the right size bra, I've been measured numerous times. I'm 5'6" and 115 pounds.

    • When your naked do you look like your boobs are big compared to your body? They should look pretty full at least. Anyway, I'd say you should go with well fitted (not necessarily tihgt) clothes that conform to your body and it should show that your both thin and have nice breasts. Unless you want less attention, then making yourself appear flat will help.

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  • Aren't there shirts or blouses that are loose but have a kind of string or strap right under your breasts?

    They're loose but they also sorta seperate your boobs from your stomach

    • yeah I know what you're talking about. a lot of times those make me look fat, which I'm not. I have a few that look OK but in general they look terrible on me.

    • Then do what the anon said

      Wear a belt

      I think it looks sexy

  • Wear dresses .


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  • Umm...I don't think there's a way around it. Different tops do different things for your body. So either wear tight shirts only or embrace the flat look.


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