Do you think having a clothing pattern is weird?

in a given school week I wear five types of bottoms: one day is blue jeans, one day is colored jeans, one day is either black or grey jeans, one day is yoga pants, and one day is a skirt.

it's not like Monday is this, Tuesday is this, just that if I wore a skirt Monday I won't wear one again the rest of the week, stuff like that.

am I crazy?


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  • You're not crazy

    I like things to make sense or to be in order

    I wear jeans two days, shorts two days, and the third is whatever I see first in my closet

  • According to women's rules, you supposedly shouldn't wear the same exact pair (or skirt) in one week). I don't know if that's true or not but that's just what I heard. However wearing a different article of clothing everyday is not crazy


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  • Not weird, but maybe a little inflexible. There's nothing wrong with wearing a skirt (or yoga pants) twice in a week if you feel like it! Steph x


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