Which coat color did you like best?

I've been looking for a wool coat all season, and I became instantly attracted to this one I had found at Macy's. I went there this evening to try it on, and the size 8 looks very nice on me(:


Problem is, I don't know whether I should get the black or grey. Also, do you guys think it's cute overall? I know it's different than the usual double breasted pea coats.
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saphirasilverwings brought up a very good point...I have two cats at home. o.o My black Denali already has too much fur on it than I can roll off with the lint-roller.
w00t ! I found a discount code in one of the Macy's emails that takes of 25%. The final price was $114.74. I got the grey color. Thank you everyone for voting !(:
Oh, correction. The final price was $112.08 (could have sworn it was 114 when I checked out.) Even better.


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  • I picked grey. I think it looks cute.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Black. The dirt doesn't show.

    • Lint does though! Whoever invented black peacoats obviously did not have light colored pets.

    • Lol ! @saphira you're absolutely right. I didn't even consider pets. I have two cats - one all white and the other black and white mix.

    • GREY IS THE CORRECT CHOICE HERE! For ease of wearing anyway. You'll be using a lint brush five times a day if you go with black.

What Girls Said 3

  • I like the back but tbh the front reminds me of a cross between a dressing gown and business attire. I guess from the picture it doesn't look warm to me and overpriced for what it is. Grey is more preferable though but ignore my opinion, if you like it then buy it.

    • It's made of mostly wool. lol I tried it on at the store, and it had a 'weight' to it, compared to the other coats. They felt like a 'cheap' material even though they were charging almost $200 or more.

  • I have a black coat because I think it's more versatile, but I think that particular coat is cuter in grey.

  • I like grey a lot, but black is probably more versatile. That particular coat I prefer in grey though.


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