Can I get a black tattoo to cover it up?

I have a red heart on my wrist its kinda faded but can I get a black tattoo to cover it up


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  • Or better yet, NO tattoo. Tats are permanent mullets. When you have visible tats, learn this phrase because you're going to need it - "You want fries with that?"

    • lol your funny buddy ill never have to worry bout that phrase ever because ill never have to work its nice to come from a very well off family but it all so helps to have a college degree too so I don't have to sit on my ass so ha ha but its nice to have things handed to me and anyone with a problem with that is just jealous

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  • Sure you can, darker ink covers lighter ink. But do you not like the heart anymore ? You could always have the heart touched up and colored bright red again if you wanted. Otherwise a skilled cover up tattoo artist should be able to hide the heart.

    • i like the heart a lot but the tattoo artist base price is $50 so he said he would do something bigger if he was me and so I was looking and I found one I really really like

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  • Dark ink covers lighter ink so yes. Go to your tattoo artist and ask him what he suggests doing but you can cover it up.

  • yeah you can get a black one.

  • I say: "Go for it girl!" :) Was the red heart a tattoo from before? Just please make sure that the black tattoo you're getting is not misspelled, or a stupid picture like a pile of poop lol. What are you planning on getting? Good luck!

    • lol thanks and I'm making another hearth facing a diffrent way and the humps are making a B and its gunna say breathe because my 1st cousin has Cystic fibrosis and its for her

    • Aww...that sounds so wonderful and sweet of you! Hope everything goes well! :)

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