It there something about taking off a wedding dress...??

I'm engaged & debating if I want to change out of my wedding dress before we leave the reception into something more comfy... Is there something particularly sexy about the thought of taking off a wedding dress for you guys? Or will any pretty dress do on your wedding night (I was thinking something new, white, chic & sexy, but classy if I do change)?
Either way there is going to be some very sexy lingerie going on underneath. I'm just wasn't if there's something alluring for men about the idea of taking off a wedding dress or not.
Also, the only other issues would be that there are a bunch of buttons at the back (could get a little complicated if things moved too fast, but should be fine if he doesn't rush) and the whole issue of having the dress picked up the next day after we leave for the honeymoon - I don't want any one walking in on us while we're still 'getting ready' in the morning.

I know this is not something you guys really think about, so thanks for your input!


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  • If it was me and I could choose, I would say keep it on. Us guys only get to take off a wedding dress (hopefully) once. that is even better. If you just can't stand wearing the dress, don't feel bad about changing. Still something sexy, if not more so.


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  • i don't think guys think about wedding stuff as much as you guys. but I'll take a shot in the dark.

    keep it on, with something know... under it

  • Growing up, like early teens, I think I did imagine taking off her wedding dress.

    But ... that's not actually what happens, 'changing' is normal.

    So I got over it.

    As it turns out, my wedding night was terrible anyway.

  • I don't think most guys have a thing about it.


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