How do acrylic nails work?

OK so I want to get my nails painted a solid color and I don't grow them out so I was thinking acrylic... so this is my question do they only add the acrylic part on the tip of the nail then paint over the whole nail or put it on the entire nail then paint it?
thanks for helping me ladies


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  • I had them.

    I got a full acrylic set and they put them on when my nails were short. Basically they glue the tips on, then put acrylic over your entire nail from bottom to tip. The acrylic is either a paste that hardens when it dries, or a powder mixed with a liquid that hardens and dries when they come together. I've seen both kinds. Then after it dries they file it down and often drill it with an electric nail file (this can be damaging to nails if done too extensively) Then after they file/(drill) it and shape the tip, they paint it with polish and dry.

    They can look nice if you don't keep them too long. After a while if you keep getting them filled every few weeks (where they trim them, reapply the acrylic and repaint), your natural nail underneath will get long and over a few months it will grow enough that the tip will eventually be trimmed off and only your natural nail will be coated.

    However, after you take the acrylic off your nails will be thin and brittle and break easily. But, it is not permanently damaging because the new nail growth will grow in normal again if you don't acrylic it.

    I liked having it because my polish stayed on well.


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  • You hit it with a hammer. Like with any other nail.


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  • The places I've been to have different options. If you select acrylic nails they will glue an entire fake nail over your natural nail then paint it. If you select something called solar tips (they might have different names elsewhere), they will only glue the fake tip on your natural nail. You are given the option to select a desired length. They mix some powder & chemical to make a clearish putty to fill in the rest. Afterwards, they buff it & ask if you want it painted or clear.


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