Why guys find me more beautiful when I'm tired or didn't sleep well? :P

its becoming a mig myth for me. when ever I feel I'm in one of my bad days or that I look not exactly find due to tiredness or being sleepless, guys find me more beautiful or hit on me more!

specially when I'm close to my exams, so I don't have time to get any facial or when I sleep shortly in nights to study and go to school with puffy eyes!

is what we as girls see as beautiful that different that what you guys see?!


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  • maybe you look more approachable , or normal , down to earth ;D also a lot of guys find it hot when a woman is angry , wich is weird because our brains normally consider a smile as beautiful and nice !


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  • When you are tired, you look more vulnerable so I guess they find that attractive. Weird but understandable since all guys want to be or believe that they are the stronger one in the relationship( if any)

  • Maybe you're looking cute when you're like that ;)


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