Is it true that if you don't wear a low-cut shirt the first time you meet a guy he won't like you as much?

Is that true? My friend told me that on first dates I should always wear something a little more revealing... and if I don't, the guy will be less interested in me. Is that true?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow that's totally false. If anything it's the opposite. I think some guys would loose respect for you or see you as being easy. So I wouldn't recommend it unless you just wanna attract horn dogs. Wearing non-revealing clothes won't hurt you any, but wearing something too revealing could.

    • really? wow, see that's good to hear. I was little bummed when she said that! I was like, really? I feel like I'm just a piece of meat ha. You don't think wearing non-revealing clothes will scare men away? not even if it's just, like, ever? lol

    • Yeah that's some pretty bad advice, your friend must attract a lot of players =/ It might scare some men away, but only the ones who are just after sex lol. I've never worn anything revealing on a date and I've never really been turned down, so there ya go :)

    • hahaha nice. I haven't been on many dates... can't figure out why though. I guess I'm pretty shy, don't go for bar guys, don't see a lot of guys in my every day activities haha. that might explain it. maybe if I knew more guys it would help.

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What Guys Said 2

  • You could wear a turtleneck sweater right and come off looking far more sexy then you ever could with a low cut shirt.

    • lol wow that's awesome. what if it just shows a tiny bit of cleavage? haha. not a low low cut shirt? I guess she was wrong haha. That's good though!

  • sooo false! you don't want to make us erect...u just want to make us feel good abt u! so revealing too much is not the way we can feel "GOOD" abt u!

    • would it be okay to wear a tshirt? or a shirt that goes as high as a tshirt? lol

What Girls Said 1

  • i don't think that's true.


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