I need some help on a date outfit?

Okay, now that we've settled it will in fact be a date ;) what do I wear?

So, this'll be our first date (my first date ever, and I'm 20), and only the second time we'll see each other face-to-face (we live an hour or 2 away from each other). It's a day trip to the museum before noon. I'm not sure if we'll be having lunch together or not as I need to run...

Honestly...I don't know how to dress! Or even, what's considered casual/formal on a date...

Anyways, here's what I have in mind but I'm terrified it's too formal!

This shirt from Maurice's:

tinyurl [.] com/7s2yh4l ("Space Dye Drape Neck Top with Lace Inset")

Some earrings I got at the same time that I can't seem to find on their site. They're dangles of red and black stone beads :)

It'll be chilly, so something like this over it:

tinyurl [.] com/7ys3t57 (a black "Cardiwrap"), only mine doesn't have the ties, but it has a hood, and it's a little shorter in back. The front is designed to either be super flowy or tied.

And I really don't have anything for the bottom! All l really have are jeans or black exercise pants...so I guess I'll have to go with the jeans. And then I'm completely stumped on the shoes! All I have are sneakers, combat boots, or super high heels that are probably way too formal! D:

Oh crap, and what about my hair? I have long hair that curls to medium length. Huge, "sidewalk chalk" curls. But my hair's also really frizzy :I I'm thinking maybe half-up?


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  • So from a guy's perspective, the big thing is to dress in something that gives a good impression of what your body looks like underneath and shows off your best feature. I'd say your top is right if you have a tight waist--maybe an hourglass figure--and/or if you are well endowed up top as it would look great on a girl with big boobs. But it's still full coverage and very tasteful.

    I think it'd look great with skinny jeans if you have thin legs and of the shoe options you mention, I'd go with heels. You'll look great.

    As far as hair goes, it'll be less of a big deal for the guy so go with whatever makes you most comfortable so you won't have to look into every shiny surface during the date to check it.

    Good luck!

    • It usually isn't like me to boast about myself in anyway and I don't mean to be egotistical here, but I must say I feel like that shirt was made for me for precisely the reasons you named :) I'm glad to know guys don't care too much about the hair, but now I'm worried about the pants...my legs aren't my best feature so I don't have skinny jeans, I have flare jeans, and I just remembered I cut off the bottoms because they were so long so now they're all jagged! Oh crap...

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    • So, top to bottom, I'm about 36", 28", 39"

    • Okay. Well, I think that shirt still works well on your body. And I think heels are a good call, since the shirt will probably make your torso appear longer. If you have short legs, the heels will balance it.

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  • I think he'll be execting you to look pretty much as you would on any tirp to a museum: no dressy outfits or falshy jewelry. Comfortable clothes, not jeans and T-shirt, but nothing so dressy as you're proposing, nothing to sparkly as those earrings. a nice sweater, a plain type skirt instead of the jeans...you do want to look feminine, after all!

    • Hmm...the earrings are actually less flashy than what I usually wear because I'm obsessed with huge, crazy earrings lol They're just three beads on top of each other. But to me, any kind of skirt is automatically "dressy" as I never wear anything other than jeans or yoga pants...I'll look into it though, thank you :)

    • I'd try to avoid flashy with a guy who is asking you to a museum! But feminine, that's never out of place!

  • i don't think it really matters too much on what you wear. Wear something appealing like a short dress with sexy heels :)

    • While I can't go too short as our church is against anything above knee length, I'm really glad all you guys seem to like heels! lol

    • heels are sexy :) it makes the legs look longer and a firmer butt

  • Museums, especially art galleries, you want to look dressed up. No jeans, no graphic T's. But you don't have to go like evening gown..just a cocktail dress would suffice.

    • Hmmm...what if it's a SciFi museum?

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    • I'm going to add you, is that cool?

    • Haha, sure but I'm not on too often...maybe depending on how my date turns out I'll be on here more lol

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  • That should all be just fine! Go with the combat boots. They're different and stylish. As for your hair, I'd leave it as natural as possible to offset the dressy jewelry. So no curling iron. ;)

    Good luck!

    • Hehe, what I described IS my natural hair! I just let it air dry and it turns into giant curls :) Do you think I should leave it or straighten it? I can never get all of the curls out, but I can usually tame it to a wave...

    • Oh, leave it! Please! The silky straight look is nice sometimes, but is best left for occasions. Natural curls are the best!

    • Awesome! I hate straightening my hair, it takes too dang long...lol

  • I think it´s a good idea, if you wear a skinny jeans and a sexy shirt


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