Why can't I get a guy to ask me out?

I've had several guys like me in the past year, but none of them ask me out, no matter how much I flirt with them or "put myself out there"! Is the problem that the guys that like me are just scared to make a move, or do they not want to be in a relationship with me? It's really frustrating, and even though I'm really outgoing I have problems with coming out and telling a guy that I like him. Is that what I need to do to get my point across that I want to be with him?


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  • You can't push for it to happen, it will happen when the time is right. You are still very young and you have loads of time to meet guys!

    They maybe shy around you and scared to ask because they feel that they are reading in to it too much. They may also not be ready for relationships at such a yong age.

    Be confident. When you hang out with them, has it been in a group? If it has and you like a guy you are hanging out with be suttle, to the point and just go for it!

    When you are in the group/see the guy you like, aprroach him and chat to him generally. Work you way round to speaking about the weekend and ask him if he has much planned for the weekend. If he responds and says not much, take this as an opening to ask. Just ask casually if he would like to do something/hang out at the weekend. That way it does not sound like you are pressuring him but you are getting the point across.

    If he makes up an excuse then he is probably just interested in being friends. I know it hurts to be rejected, but at least that way you know, he knows and you can move on.


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  • its hard to tell by reading your question. its possible they might be intimidated by your beauty or your personality? I think you need to just focus on yourself being happy and then go from there. sometimes things happen when you least expect them. if you follow up to my answer and give a more detailed answer on your question I can re answer also. please go to my latest question and give me your opinion?

  • Make a f***ing move yourself! Man I can't stand girls like you that ALWAYS wait on the guy to make a move!


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  • I had the same problem before~

    Guys love confidence but are sometimes shaken by it. So no matter how much you flirt they'll be scared to ask you out because you might be "too much".

    If you like one of the guys that like you, flirt slightly and show him you're interested.

    Tone the flirting down a bit and get to know them more, then intimately he'll ask you out for sure. If you're positive he likes you and may be shy, ask him out yourself. But before that rememeber to keep it casual around him.

    Try these 5 tips I used

    1, take a deep breath and approach casually

    2, don't make it obvious you're flirting. Do it shyly and sweetly.

    3, Physical contact is always good. Not too much though~

    4, Make eye contact and smile to show you're interested

    5, Don't flaunt too often.

    Good Luck~

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