What should I wear to a bar that will get me noticed?

Heading to a bar this weekend what should I wear that will get me noticed but not stand out from the crowd?


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  • a sparkly low cut tasteful top


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  • Well, it depends on what kind of guy you're trying to attract. If you want a one night stand, or an fwb..you'll want to show off a LOT of skin. The more skin you show off the more we think you want sex (whether it's true or not)

    If you're trying to attract a decent guy for a relationship or even just friendship then find your best asset and accentuate it. Whether it be your eyes, your smile, your boobs, your butt, your legs, whatever it is, find it and accent it.

    When I was at my bar the other day. I was just getting ready to leave and this girl who was just...absolutely stunning, head to toe walked in and sat down (she had a boyfriend of course, so I didn't bother to talk to her) however..man, as I saw her, I burst into involuntary laughter and sort of yelled "OMG" then covered my mouth as if someone was trying to smuggle me to death.

    I can't remember EXACTLY what she was wearing, but just so she left a lasting impression on me for a good couple of minutes.

    I can tell you that she wore a jean jacket, which I happen to love. Again, this is just me..so it may be different for the guys you will be seeing.

    • not looking for sex I just want to wear something that is appealing.

    • Then do what I said in the second paragraph..however, I find it hard to believe that you're going to a bar, just to "look appealing". Something doesn't sit right with me on that

  • u girls are stupid. how can you be noticed but don't stand out of the crowd? ugh pls enough with the stupid questions

    • It means if she is with a group of friends and some stranger walks past she'll catch his eye, but won't necessarily be noticed by every person who walks in the door.

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    • But not in a sexual way...

    • @ styles_clash yes not in a sexual way.

  • You could go with nothing. Cheap and guaranteed attention.

  • Depends heavily on your body type. Can you post a pic of a girl with a similar body? You need to dress with your body type in mind if you're trying to get noticed in a good way.

  • Most vague question I've ever read but... do you have t*ts? Usually if they are on display you get attention.

    • Yes I do :)

    • There ya go! Or don't wear panties underneath a skirt or something

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