Girls what is your beauty regiment?

I need to feel better about myself and want to get on a good regime


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  • Well besides the cleanse and moisturise (I don't do the toning part because I have very sensitive skin) twice a day I drink 2 cups of luke warm water with lemon everyday for my skin, and then a extra 2 liters of water, I avoid coffee cause it dries out my skin and I try and eat healthy. Here's the products I use :


    Cleanser: Clinique anti blemish solutions soap bar

    Moisturizer: Nivea Aqua fresh day moisturiser for normal to combination skin

    Then I use SPF30 sunscreen from a normal brand.

    Sometimes I add Claudia Stevens primer before my foundation but only when I know I'll not be able to reapply my make-up through the day. I hate adding stuff on my skin even if it's primer cause like mentioned earlier I have VERY sensitive skin and everything annoys it no matter what.

    Then I just use maybelline superstay foundation and some rimmel eyeliner and mascara and maybelline lip gloss. Sometimes lipstick from Maybelline too but usually not cause I don't like the feel of lipstick on my lips cause it dries them out no matter what product I use.

    I usually apply my foundation with my Elizabeth Aarden foundation brush but sometimes I just my fingers cause it's quicker.


    Cleanser: Same cleanser as I use in the morning

    Moisturizer: Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion from very dry to dry skin.

    Then I use Differen Gel on any spots that's there.

    Wow okay that's it :)


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  • It's "regimen," not "regiment" or "regime."


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  • Daily: cleanse, tone and moisturize my face in the morning and night. Moisturize my body after showering. Might brush my hair if I'm feeling special.

    Weekly: exfoliate, etc

    Fortnightly/longer: wax, thread, blah blah

    And then in between I do my nails and all that jazz. I don't wear much makeup during the day, and I don't curl/straighten my hair.

    Not sure what I'm missing.

    • Hehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

      It sure is refreshing to see this side of you.

    • Ah, I mean, ah.. This is AFTER I scratch my balls and drink beer.

  • when I hear beauty what comes to my mind is healthy skin, this is my skin care regimen:

    -Wash my face after I wake up and before bed, apply my day cream (on weekends) and my night cream (every night) which is all vitamin A and that's pretty much it and drink llots of water and rosemary tea! :D

  • I wash my face everyday with a gentle cleanser, and I usually exfoliate to make my skin smooth! I also put on neutrogena moisturizer.I usually don't wear makeup,occasionally I wear a little mascara,or eyeliner but that's really it (and Chapstick! I love soft lips :D) I also shower everyday,and lotion up! (Oh, a tip for showering-sugar is a really good exfoliator! so mix some brown sugar and white sugar and rub it all over your body! honey is also good for your skin!) both of these make your skin feel great and they smell good too! If your looking for anyother ideas just ask!

  • I shower and lotion my nails and toes once a week and pluck my eyebrows once a month...thats about it. Oh and take baths for the relaxation of it


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