Massimo Dutti's suit! Your suggestions?

So,i bought this massimo dutti's black shinny suit for wedding!i want you people to tell me the color combination of shirt and shoes!Not just color even ideas would what kinda shoes to wear etc!


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  • Traditional wedding ties (not just for the party, but everyone) would be silver, quite often, either a shepherd's check, glen plaid, herringbone or houndstooth.

    I'd think a silver herringbone would look best with that suit.

    As for shoes, I'd probably go with black oxfords, polished up well.

    I would have not gone with the black suit myself though if its an evening event, it might look good I suppose. If its daytime, shiny black is a bit much.

    • Thanks for the opinion..but tell me something which goes with my age I'm only 19 ,don't you think herringbone and oxford shoes will give a veryy oldish look! lastly it's an evening wedding plus you forget to tell the shirt combination..And will a bow look nice on it?though it's not tuxedo

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    • I suppose you _could_ wear something else shoe wise, though it would be slightly less formal, something like : link (a black double-monkstrap). But that with a shiny suit is going to be ... maybe too flashy. Silver herringbone tie doesn't look 'old' to me.

      'ultra appropriate' wedding ties: link

      Any would look pretty badass with a black suit

    • i get it!i'll try everything and will let you know whatever looks best!thanks

  • Get a gold tie, white shirt, and black shoes.


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