Petite Styles for girls? Any trendy style ideas?

so I'm a petite 16 year old girl. that means I'm small in case you don't know. I was wondering what are some styles or outfits I could wear that would make the guys and girls notice me more. and I want them to be trendy too.


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  • There are a couple of types of attention you can get. The first is the 'wow, she really wants attention' type of attention. You can get that by dressing like a skank or a brand whore. The second type is the 'wow, she's really interesting' type of attention. This is a bit more touchy, as you'll need to find out what styles you feel comfortable in and start branching out from there. I'd recommend finding some fashion blogs and buying some fashion magazines (Seventeen doesn't count, I'm talking Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, etc). You don't have to buy big labels, but seeing what's in style will help you formulate opinions on what you want to wear and what would look good on you. Since you're petite you shouldn't have a problem with wearing interesting things.

    Getting attention from people is nice, but you want to be comfortable and confident in what you wear. I've worn trendy things that I felt awful in, and it's not worth it. Really.

    Coming from a teenager who's been experimenting style-wise for a couple of years, the best advice I can give you is to be brave! Don't be afraid to go thrift shopping, either. Two thirds of my shoe collection (which is extensive) has come from thrift stores, and I get all of my sweaters and most of my statement pieces from there as well. If you're open minded there's an incredible amount of gorgeous clothes you can find there.

    This is a huge answer, but I really want you to succeed in finding your style! Finding my style niche has increased my confidence a hundredfold, and that's something that I wish everyone would be able to experience.

    Good luck!


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