How to date if your not attractive?

so it's well known that personality and looks go hand and hand as far as an ideal partner; but what do you do when your not very attractive? personality can be altered and fixed to make you more approachable and fun etc - but what about physical? Obviously people don't have thousands of dollars sitting around for plastic surgery and stuff. So what other alternative is there?


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  • How to date if your not attractive? Date other unattractive people is an alternative.

    • okay, but what if they don't find you attractive?

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    • Unattractive people don't find other unattractive people attractive.

    • @gsphi90

      Usually true.

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  • Why do you feel you're unattractive?

    You're probably too hard on yourself!

    Are you overweight?

    Do you have bad teeth?

    Do you have bad skin?

    Everyone is beautiful and I mean that. You just have to find your style and just take care of your self try to look your best at all times.


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  • Presentation is key. If you feel attractive, those vibes could translate into a different kind of attractiveness and let people realize that you are beautiful. Be confident in yourself.


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