How can you make pencil eyeliner set?

I wear pencil eyeliner because it's usually softer than other liners but it often wears off. I have to re-apply every hour or so. Is there any way I can set it? (eyeshadow smudges)


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  • Do you know the eyeshadow sealer that makes your eyeshadow not smear/rub off? That also works for eyeliner. But personally I've always had a hard time with pencil eyeliner. I switched to MAC's fluid line and it hasn't smeared/worn off yet.

    • do you think glitter eyeliner could set things too if applied on top?

    • Yea definitely. Its usually best to use it with eyeshadow then put the eyeliner on top.

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  • Use eyeliner crayons/automatic eyeliners. It glides on the same, but you can get smudgeproof ones. Alternatively, use an eye primer/translucent powder before you put the liner on.

  • Try putting black or brown eyeshadow over it. Not only will it increase the color, but it'll prevent it from melting off.


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