Can guys be just friends with attractive women?

Can guys be just friends with attractive women? And vice versa?
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  • Girl who doesn't have attractive guys as a friend
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Cant happen. Every guy likes pretty girls once they get to know them. It happens all the time.

    • so you are saying that guys can't be friends with pretty girls and can be with others that are not so much ... but does work in both ways?!

    • If the girl is physically attractive, I've seen in every case that the guy ends up liking her

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What Girls Said 7

  • Yes and yes, I believe guys can be friends with an attractive woman(women) and vice versa... I mean pple can't help if there attractive or not or if he/she wants to be friends with that other person.NOW! if he or she wants to use a friendship to get into the other persons underwear than we have a problem buddy.

  • I feel if a girl trust her man or vis versa it doesn't not matter who there friends are weather they are very attractive or not.

  • i only have guy friends and I would say there all pretty attractive

    • and you are 100% certain that none of them had feelings for u? and if there is wt would you do?

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    • yea but if you are single it changes the whole complexion rite?!

    • it would make it really complicated cause I never even looked at them like that.

  • of course!

  • Obviously

  • I know I have good looking friends. Both genders.

    • i'm not talking that you have attractive girlfriends all I wanna no is that are you certain that neither any of the m had feelings for u?

    • A couple of my friends I've wondered at certain points, but I've been friends with them for years now and nothing beyond that has come of it

      So I'd say its totally possible

  • regardless of appearance, I think it is very difficult for a man and woman to just be friends. this is because one of them will always be attracted to the other. Everyone under 18 will say its possible, but I am in my 20's and in my experience friendships are not possible unless they are gay.

    • aybe its difficult to not be attracted, but you can be attracted still be friends.. I have many such friends.

    • yea but if you let each other no about those feelings you can't be friends with them

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes. I'm friends with some, and am already in a relationship. I don't know why people say it's impossible.

    • and you are telling me that you never had feelings for any of them ?!

    • Feelings as in a desire to be with them? No.

      I have experienced sexual attraction, but that can't be helped.

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