Am I heavy for my height? If so why when I have a slim build?

I am a bit over 5ft 11" tall and I weigh 177lbs. I have very little body fat and although I have a fairly good amount of muscle I am not massively beefy (more a rock climbers physique) anyway I saw a screentest of Marlon Brando at my age (23) when he was pretty muscular - more than I am - and despite a similar height his weight on was said to be 170bs. this is just one of many examples I have noticed.
EDIT by physique is more or less like this link

so I'm not fat/chubby.


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  • I am 5'7 and I weight 175 pounds during my senior year of football and I was not fat at all. In fact, I was really fast and had great endurance, possibly the best on the team. I think you're okay. Just keep working out, balance legs and arms and run a bit.


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  • You sure that this is accurate most of the time stars lie about her weight or its somebody just taking a guess.

    • it's here right at the beginning. link pretty official.

    • Yeah their not lying. Everybody is different from each other you may have a lot of water weight or you may have more muscle than you think and its just not as defined as his.

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  • yea a bit your target weight should be about 165 to 167. but it all depends on your build and muscle as muscle does weigh more than fat.

  • Your a little heavy ya. Not overweight though.

  • You're a bit on the heavy side, but just a bit. So work on losing the fat, but lift some dumbells and do some squats so you don't lose any muscle.

    • but I don't have a lot of fat to lose! which is why I am asking this Q

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    • I am a healthy eater, so I wouldn't have thought so. I have quite wide shoulder frame and lomb limbs if that adds to the weight...perhaps heavy bones?

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