Why don't they sell full coverage bras for sizes smaller than 36C?

I've been shopping around for bras and I'm interested in full coverage bras. I'm 32C but I like how full coverage bras look. They cover more boob area and they have thicker straps. I don't necessarily need the ton of support they offer but as I said I prefer how they look and how they cover more boob (I am a modest person).

The only thing is they're very difficult to come by unless I have $40 for EACH bra for VS, because VS have full coverage bras for as small as 32B.


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  • That's interesting that it's so tough to find full coverage in smaller sizes. Because I know from some of the girls I've dated that it's tough to find any thing BUT full coverage for bigger boobs. Those girls always complain how tough it is and how expensive to find a bra for big ones that shows a lot and looks sexy instead of like a grandma bra.

    • What I mean is that they don't have full coverage for girls with small bodies because they rarely have anything with a small band size like 30, 32, or even 34. There's full coverage for girls with medium to big bodies and big boobs but not any for tiny girls with any size boobs.

    • So it's all more cleavage type bras? Like leaving half uncovered?

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  • I know what you mean. I'm a 32 D and VS is pretty much the only place that I can get a bra that covers me up and doesn't smash my boobs flat. But they're so expensive. :/

    • Wow 32D? You're like a tiny girl with big boobs. It must be 'fun' finding bras that you like/fit comfortably. With great boobs comes great responsibility.

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    • Aww you two poor souls! :(

    • Is that sarcasm I smell?

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