Your thoughts about birthmarks?

I was just wondering that do guys and girls pay attention to birthmarks? You think it looks ugly if a girl/guy has many birthmarks on their arms? Turn on or turn off? And do you have any weird looking birthmarks?

I have 2 weird birthmarks on my back. One on my lower back that looks like Australia. And the other looks like a church, LOL I know :P
oh, I don't mean those bithmarks that sticks out. I mean those that are just sort of brown and not sticking out lol

Like these:


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  • if it like looks like it is growing off your skin its a little odd, but not enough to knock out the sex drive haha. I have a birthmark on my groin area lol (making it as clean as possible) and its just a discoloration on one part of it, no one has told me its a problem, so I see no problems with anyone elses

    • haha, No, they're not growing out. It's just sort of a discoloration but they're very brown lol.

      I think your birthmark sounds interesting. I love birthmarks (the ones that doesn't stick out lol)

    • yeah birthmarks aren't really a turn off, if anything they are interesting, but I normally ignore them

  • It depends on the size, darkness, and whether or not you're ashamed of it yourself

    I have a medium sized spot on my right shin

    I used to cover it up

    But now I don't give a f***

    And people just leave it alone :P

    • I have another on my inner thigh

      Not sure what it looks like

      It's upside down looking

  • Depends. Sounds like it's not in a distracting place. I knew a girl who had a birthmark on her face which was bright red. Now that was distracting. Birthmarks can be cute, ugly or indifferent. Yours does sound cute.


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  • I kinda like them. They're interesting.

    I have one on my inner thigh. It's a darker brown than my skin and it has no fancy shape to it, it's more just an oblong sword blade looking thing. lol I like it though :)

  • I don't care if they have a birthmarks or not and I hope that they don't care. If they can't like you for who you are then dump them. Everyone is beautiful in there own way.

    • I agree! But I also think birthmarks can be very pretty in their own way.

  • not a turn on hahahah but not a turn off. unless they are huge and stick out...


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