How to make my mom buy me new jeans?

I'm not looking at expensive ones, just $30 old navy ones. Just one pair.

Back story:

-once I got a job, she stopped paying for any new clothes I bought

-I wouldn't mind paying for these, but she's not even allowing me to spend my own money

-I really want a pair of $30 skinnies. She said she'd pay if they are $20

-she bought me two pairs in August of size 4's but I lost weight so I'm a size 2 and my jeans look terrible and add bulk to my athletic legs, making them look fat

-the size 2 jeans I do own are too light so they dint go with much

-I literally never ask her for money and pay my way but I only earn $40 a week

How can I convince her that even tho they are $10 more than shed want, they are worth it? Please! I really need them!


Most Helpful Girl

  • say that you found a pair that looks EXACTLY like them,but they cost 20$,and when she gives you 20,just add 10$ from your pay (learn to be sneaky,hide maybe 1-2$ a day or say that you spent it on something else)


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  • Well I know whenever I wear my really trashy looking jeans that I've had for at least 6 years my mom insists on buying me new pants even if I don't need them...of course that could just be my mom.

  • Tell her they cost $20 and add $10 from your money and go by yourself and buy a pair ;)


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