Are boys embarrassed by their not so good looking gfs?

Are boys embarrassed by their not so good looking gfs?

I'm just wondering because there is this guy at my school and he's dating someone and to be honest she's not pretty at all (I know looks don't matter) she's also very overweight. He does not show any kind of public affection towards her in school. They don't even hold hands. I had no idea they were dating until someone told me. Also he is not the kind of guy who's shy. He also flirts with other girls. Heck he's like dating every girl in school except for her. I don't understand if he doesn't like her why is he with her? He doesn't even have pictures taken with her. If a guy is so worried about what people think about his girl why's he still with her? He's also one of those very good looking boys.


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  • yeah some guys are. they say looks don't matter but they really do. if this girl looked like lauren london I doubt he'd be acting that way to her. more than likely he's with her for sexual favors or because of the way she treats him, but as soon as he finds another girl that he thinks is an upgrade he'll leave her

    • Of course looks matter.

      and yep I do think that a lot of guys date those girls because they're easier when it comes to sexual activities.

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  • Not really because if so then we wouldn't have her to begin with

    • Then why is the guy acting like an a**hole towards his girl?

    • Maybe he doesn't want to be with her anymore or maybe he not the type of guy who shows public affection

  • Not really

    Maybe he's with her so that he won't seem shallow to other girls

    Making him seem like a nicer guy

    Making it easier for him to get girls?

    • He claims he's been with her for 2 years. Either he really loves her but doesn't want anyone to know he does. Or he's not getting any girls so he's just with her so he wouldn't be that guy with no girlfriend.

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    • Well I don't really talk to her. But according to her Facebook she's single.

      But they're defiantly together. I don't know it's weird.

    • Co-dependency?

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