Does it bother you when certain people aren't attracted to you?

OK so there's this guy.. I'm in no way attracted to him :I I think he's good looking or w/e but I do NOT like his personality AT ALL! So, that's it for me..I don't like him and am not attracted to him. If I were to rate both me and him physically, I would say he is a 10 and I'm a 6. So, I think it bothers him that I'm not attracted to him. I can tell that I am not the kind of girl he would normally flirt with and I know I'm not really what he would want physically (although, I'm totally fine with myself) but he's been going out of his way to, um flirt? It's almost comical, really :) SO, do you do this? if a girl/guy that you think should like you does, you try and make them like you just because you think they should? does it bother you if they don't? to the point of pursuing someone you are not even attracted to?
should like you DOESN'T** oops


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  • If the guy is used to get what he wants, he might be confused when seeing it's not "working" with you.

    If you aren't interested, make it clear to him. In the end, he'll probably be a little more humble while interacting with people.


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  • 99% of the time I'd have no clue if they weren't attracted to me. But if someone said they weren't attracted to me I would think that is kind of rude. I don't go around telling everybody I'm not attracted to that I'm not attracted to them, so I wouldn't expect others to do that. It wouldn't bother me as much as shock me in the moment.

    • I would never tell someone I'm not attracted to them either lol I just don't really

      "respond" to his flirting the way he expects me to.

  • the one dude yopyo is exactly right, its totally an ego thing are the rarity that he actually is attracted to you. But I don't know if you've ever seen that movie hitch but when the dude hires hitch to help him get a woman he doesn't even like but says to him " I don't know what it is but I think I just need to do her" are summin like that. in that case it seemed to be about him just dominating any woman he came across he felt should be all over him but wasn't. keep ignoring him you don't need the bull

  • you said you don't like him/attracted to him. so why would it bother you?

    • the question was, "does it bother YOU?" it doesn't bother me that someone is flirting with me but it's a bit of an annoyance because I know it's not genuine but rather for egotistical purposes :/ so he's wasting my time..and his.

    • ooohh I see. but hell yea it does! I would tell her(in my case) "f-off and stop pissing/barking at the wrong tree!"

    • haha yeah, it might come to that.

  • I keep finding girls that I'm attracted to, that are closet racists. (and I'm just "off white" (light olive)) damn it.


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  • Nah . Never even thought about it


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