Why do Sexy Gals find Nerds Attractive?

I know of a hot smoking 21 year old female that is a 10 on the richter scale, and have tried to get her number with no luck? She likes "Nerds" and I am more of a Athletic Jock.. I just don't understand the attraction or what they have in common?


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  • This is a hard question to answer, a really hard one.

    So she is "hot" does that mean she can only like what you think is hot,

    or are you going to be nice and LET her like somebody else.

    We aren't dogs.. we can like different things like you guys can.

    Okay heres a scenario, some really hot guy goes up to a "really hot girl" and he

    says how hot he thinks she is and asks for her number.

    Well in that case, I PREFER a nerd that is going to respect me and treat

    me like a human, not a sex slave. Maybe.. just maYbe she feels the same.

    Do you even know her. What if jocks were the guys who made fun of her

    when she was younger, like she was a really smart girl who didn't spend

    time with guys so when she needed help the "nerdy guys" were always

    there for her. And by the way.. a lot of people in highschool grow up and change!

    Most for the better and some for the worst.

    She seems like a really nice girl. If you want to take the time to RESPECT her,

    then ask her to please give you a chance. Or why she doesn't like you. If she doesn't

    want anything to do with you, then leave her alone.


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  • A smoking hot female who likes nerds. Ok well firstly I ask did she actually say that she likes nerds, or does she like another guy who YOU believe to be a bit of a nerd.

    All I know is that chicks would prefer to date an average looking guy who is funny, confident and assertive and basically has substance. Over a shite hot guy, who spends more time in the mirror than she does.

    And another thing. A guy will date a girl because she is attractive. But a girl will date a guy because he makes her feel attractive. These are two very different things.

    Like I alway say though, if you can make a chick laugh, be slightly unpredictable and confident in who you are ... you are going to be the biggest freaken chick magnet out there .. no matter what you look like, how much money you earn, or how dumb or smart that you are =)


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  • I for one love nerds! A guy can be really attractive, and then when I talk to them there is no substance. Of course I am a science major, so that might have something to do with it. A little mental foreplay is the greatest. She probably values a man that will teach her and show her new things. If it does seem like they have nothing in common, just remember opposites attract.

  • not saying you are, but a lot of women steer clear of big time jocks because some of them can be extremely empty once they're off the playing field. Once again, I'm not slamming them all and I'm definitely not slamming you.

    IMHO I go out with a nerd because they're a kind person with a bit of intelligence. Plus they're not as hot as the jocks, ergo not as sought after, ergo no fighting. And you know how possessive women are.

  • I like my nerd cause of his mind. When we talk he puts things in a different perspective than I would have thought of. I listen to his responses. He's not stuck on himself. He's not trying to out look any other guys. He just wants to be him. One thing that turns me off is when a guy is trying to act coo. My nerd is who he is messy hair, tall, skinny. BUT when he's gottah dress up DAM he looks delicious!!!


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  • She is attracted to a man's mind. I think girls like this are a rare breed, I love them. Just to tell you, I am definitely a jock who works out (or tries to anyway) 3-4 times a week. But I am also an avid reader, and have read hundreds, if not a thousand books. So you could say I was a jock and a bit of a nerd in junior high and high school.

    I think you should respect it. Any girl that overlooks looks and likes a man for his personality is special. Hopefully she isn't one of those girls that reverse judges people, and thinks a jock is arrogant and has no personality or brains (I know many guys and girls who are humble, and very bright and fun athletes).

    Lets say the guy doesn't have a great body or looks, but he plays in a band or djs at a club. Or he tells her things that changes her perspective on life, or maybe just treats her better. Alot of nerds are the guys who end up getting rich. If you have money you can change your style and make yourself look hot, or at least look good.

    I would say move on, and continue developing you mind, health, and social skills. Some girls aren't your type, some are. Doesn't mean anything is wrong with them, same for her. Just because she is hot doesn't mean she is all that great inside either (doesn't mean she isn't too), so date a girl you click with better.

  • Beauty and the Beast. Clearly she is into smarter guys. This is not the norm! He may be a real nice and understanding guy, and she may be into this.

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