I Give Up On Love, Dating And Women.... My Heart Is Going For Success

OK, so I'm wondering to myself should I give up on love and just focus on getting money being that women don't seem to find me attractive. Maybe because I was born with a slightly shaped head which I don't see it though people tend to criticism me for that. I always feel disrespected by women because of the way I look, yet I believe I look great on the inside and out. I hate that people tend to make fun of me only cause my head in shaped different due to a C Section when born. I could just grow my hair out to though I'm not taking it to that level because I should be accepted the way I am.. An because of that criticism women that I tend to say I like tend to say I'm not cute or place me in the "like a brother" category... I know most women like the bad guys, jerks or even a**holes that treat them good when they start yet it ends with them being hurt. I'm not a guy that would treat a girl like a bad guy since I'm not like that, though being almost 30 years old by January 2012 and still a virgin... I might give up on women and place my heart fully on success and making allot of money... Trust me I consider myself a confident person and wonder though sometimes is something wrong why I'm still single... Maybe it might be the woman I look at because mostly Asian, Indian / middle eastern and some Spanish women I get along with, other makes fun or criticism...

Also, Ladies just to test if I asked you to rate from 1-10 based on looks of myself, what's the grade you would give... (10 being Greatest)


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  • You're fine, you're being way too hard on yourself. You're attractive and you're making a flaw seem to be more important than it really is. It took me a few minutes to even figure out what you're talking about and even then I could barely tell what you were talking about.

    Do what makes you happy. You loose money chasing women but you never lose women chasing money. Personally I go for success, the right relationship will come a long in the right time when its suppose to.


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