So why do people generalize men into categories, look at this?





I'm asking this because I saw a question the other day about a girl who has a long-term boyfriend, she claims that he does not look at other girls or have any interest in them, and that he thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world.At first I thought it was BS, but then I did some searching and I realized that there are quite a few men who seem to feel this way.

Why do people find it so odd/hard to believe that guys can be like this?Women can be like this too, admittedly it is a lot more common among women, but if women can feel so in love with someone that they don't notice others anymore, then why wouldn't men?

I honestly thought that 99.9% of guys look at other girls, because they can't help it, and I also thought that all men look at p*rn, now I feel really stupid for generalizing pretty much all the males in this world into one category.But people who do have this view seem so sure of themselves, saying things like ''All men look at other women'' &, ''Men are hardwired that way, they can't help it.'' That's why I thought pretty much all men are like that.But their not,are they?
It's pretty stupid to say that these guys are probably lying.They sound pretty sincere to me, and why the hell would they go to the trouble of writing a huge question if they weren't serious?They all seem very annoyed that their girlfriends simply don't believe them when they say things like that.And is it any wonder?With the amount of people who generalize men into categories, even men themselves do it.


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  • I don't think it has anything to do with how in love you are.

    A significant group of women (probably less then half, but a lot) are classified as having an essentially 'reactive' sex drive. If they were alone on a desert island, they would not think about sex much at all. When they are with a partner they are attracted to, how initiates sex, they get turned on and respond. This doesn't mean they love their partners more then other women (or men) who have more of a raw, innate desire to screw, it just means their sex drives work differently.

    People who are 'sure of themselves' ... well I have met (online, not in real life) a few men who claim to function this way. But as I said on a thread (maybe the one you're talking about) I managed to make to age 35 or so before encountering _any_ man who said this. So while clearly some men DO think this way, they are a small, small minority. That's why people are surprised, or make claims like 'men don't think this way'. In general, men don't think that way, but there are a few men who do. I don't believe they are 'better' or worse, or more in love, or have different ethics. Its just that their sex drive works a little differently from the way most men are.

    We all need to remember that on the internet, you can find 'quite a few' of anything.

    • "I don't believe they are 'better' or worse, or more in love, or have different ethics. Its just that their sex drive works a little differently from the way most men are. "

      Great point. I agree--I don't think that looking at other people has anything to do with how in love you are.

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  • When I'm committed, I'm committed, then again I think I'm more romantic than most dudes. However I can attest that nearly all men look at p*rn, and it's because we aren't having our sexual needs met at the time. I look at women all the time and I notice that most dudes talk about her assets, while I talk about her beauty in general. Still, I am a dude and I expect sex from my woman, and I need my needs met or I will be inclined to move on.

  • The reality is that the percentage of men who act like NORMAL males, and glance/admire the attributes of women who are not their significant other, is so overwhelming that it makes the men who don't do that statistically irrelevant. Sure, there are some men who don't, as there are always exceptions to any rule in life, but that "wandering eye" that almost all men have is based on thousands of years of human evolution and instinct. That's just a fact.

    It's as natural as the drive to eat food when you're hungry, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It becomes wrong if the person is unable to control their desire beyond the point of just looking.

  • 99% of guys do look at p*rn, the other 1% are lying. Don't rely at ALL on Yahoo Questions - the place is troll and deception city.

    We look at other chicks, but RARELY do guys do more than that. We're all about the path of least resistance - if you're providing the nookie, there's no use to ruin a good thing by straying

    • Shut up, you know nothing.It's ridiculous to generalize the whole male population.I've realized that, its why I don't do it anymore, because there is simply no way that every man on this planet acts in the same way.

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    • Believe whatever you want. Nobody is stopping you

    • Okey Dokey :)

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  • If I'm out with my boyfriend, he knows it's OK to glance, but not glare at girls/women. The same goes for me looking at guys.

    When he's with his guy friends, he admits that they will look at girls/women and make comments about her assets, but it's all in fun and they're joking around about it. It's not like they're getting all turned on by it and then come home and want to have sex. So I'm OK with it, I just told him if he starts looking at 12 year old girls or even 16 year old girls, then we're going to have a problem. Lol.

    Oh and the p*rn thing...He used to watch quite a bit of p*rn and asked me if I'd watch it with him but I can't stand it. It just seems so fake and ridiculous. So he didn't care and gave all his p*rn dvd's to a friend. He said he doesn't need it anymore.

    To answer your question, I think most guys look at women if they stand out from the crowd. (I've even been known to look at a pretty woman.) I'm not sure about the p*rn thing though. I would say most guys I've been in a relationship didn't watch p*rn...that I know of anyway.

  • You want the answers you want and no-one else's answer is good enough looking at your update and your comments.

    Why ask the question if your so convinced you know men, trust me honey they don't need you to champion them and when your man sh*ts on you and leaves for another woman ask us the same question and again we will answer honestly.

    • Shut up, what is the point in even answering if you don't have anything constructive to say?I only wrote bad comments on two of the answers, and that is only because those people were generalizing the whole of the male population, which is ridiculous.I don;t think I know men, that's clearly the reason why I asked the question!I have only disagreed with two answers, and that is only because it is impossible for all men to act in the same way, so stfu.

    • your a bitch, people gave their reasons WHY when you asked "Why do people find it so odd/hard to believe that guys can be like this?" what else do you want...oh yeah you want everyone to agree with you lol!

  • Men are very different to women and this becomes more pronounced as you leave your early 20's into your 40's when they may just calm down sexually (men lose steam, women gain it as they age). You may not discover this until the first one cheats on you or until you've had your heart broken by someone you thought was true. Men are animals that will f*** anything, a girl does not need to be pretty for them to chase her, she just has to be different from what he's got already - men always have and always will like variety. Women have to accept that what they believed at 21 is not what they're going to believe at 31 - you have a lot ahead of you. WHile my guy too says that he does not look at anyone but me, it's not true he looks OK because the day they stop looking is the day they die. They look, they daydream, they look at p*rn but will never tell you this unless you ask.

    They ARE all like that, unless they suffer from blindness or erectile dysfunction.

    • As I said to another answerer, it is ridiculous to generalize the whole population of men into one category, your selling yourself short if you believe every single man in this world is ''an animal.''

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    • Did I say I know everything?Jeez keep your hair on.Yeah, and the experiences people have had are with like, 5-10 guys, that is nothing compared to the male population,so even though you may have had bad experiences, you can't say ALL men are like that.Who has agreed with you?Nobody.How am I naive to post this?You clearly must have bad taste in guys, because most of the ones I've been out with are quite different from the average male.

    • Your missing the point but I don't care you cannot tell people how to answer they'll just troll you. Which you deserve you horrible girl like I said good luck ;)

  • I think there are two types of guys: guys who look at other girls and liars.

    But, then again, I don't think looking at other girls is such a big deal. The choice to stay committed is more important than wearing blinders.

    • I think, thinking there are two types of guys in this entire world is absolutely ridiculous.I mean, I used to believe that, but it is stupid.Of course there are going to be lovely, loyal men who have eyes for only their partner.Their just rare.

    • Pigenholing guys into guys who: a) don't ever look at other women and b) guys who are disloyal is just as bad too.

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