Do very good looking girls sometimes struggle with relationships?

Let me explain. I have a friend (she's just that, a friend) who is drop dead gorgeous. By all counts you would think she would have a very happy life. But that's not true. The issue with her is that many guys just want to get into her pants or manipulate their way into there. After that, they dump her or leave. She's started to take this personally and feels that there is something wrong with her even though I've tried to tell her otherwise. Does this happen often?


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  • It depends on the girl's attitude. Looks can attract all types of people; jerks and the good guys. The girl can use her mind to have better discretion on whether a certain is good for her or not.

    If the girl is beautiful and is completely self-absorbed, most probably she will be crushed in relationships by jerks because they know how to attract her attention which is by complimenting her all the time, buying her sweet and expensive gifts, telling her how beautiful she is all the time and whatnot. She feels so happy at first but then the guy's true colors show and she understands how stupid she was. If she is a wise girl, she will start to expect actions rather than words from guys. If she is shallow, she will never understand.

    A beautiful girl may also intimidate the nice guys because they would think she is high maintenance, shallow or self-absorbed. People are judgmental, you know, and think "beautiful"= shallow which is completely not true. I have met average looking girls who were totally shallow while other good looking girls who were humble, extremely nice and not intimidating at all. Anyway, gorgeous girls may compel nice guys too. Jerks are courageous and appear so brave so they don't get intimidated.

    All in all, when girls grow up and mature they understand how jerks think and how to avoid them at all costs :)


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  • @many guys just want to get into her pants or manipulate their way into there. ____thats something all girls have to deal with, not just attractive nes. anyways, being pretty has nothing to do with being happy.. it doesn't hurt, but there's way more to life then something you have no control over. to expect happiness from a 'thing' is pathetic.. what will she do if she gets into an accident disfigures her face, or gets old, or develops skin problems. anyways there's a lot more to life then being found attractive. you can be just as miserable as anyone else.

    & guys lie for sex. they just do because they are taught that's its inappropriate to say' I just want to f*** you.' I think it'd be much better f they did.

    everyone has to deal with deceit. not just pretty people.

    she shouldn't sleep with guys she doesn't want to sleep with. or for any reason other than wanting it at that moment.

    if se f***s a guy because she wants to, she can't blame him for what she did.

    sounds like she wants to use other people as excuses for choices she made, or things not going her way.

    if she had sex only when she wanted to nothing lost.

    ITS NO ONE ELSES FAULT IF You CHOOSE TO HAVE CONSENSUAL SEX. if the guy or girl leaves after, your maybe sad they left-because you like them. but sex has nothing to do with it. you CHOSE to have it.

  • Unfortunately this is true for many females today. I am now 29 and found the love of my life I am a pretty girl but would not consider myself drop dead gorgeous but between the ages of 21 to 27 I went through what your friend is going through and it can be very damaging to a woman resulting in her thinking that something is wrong with her when in reality then men are the ones that have something wrong with them, which is a whole other story. The unfortunate thing is that most guys these days don't seem to want something serious until they are older which makes it very hard for women to untainted. I say this because by the time the guys are ready for a relationship many women are fed up with all the bs and are not able to fully trust the man.

    • I'm 18 and want something serious. Maybe I'm in the minority xD

    • U are and as you get older the woman will only be more damaged from the irresponsible men that don't want anything serious and use us. My man hates the fact of the men I been with and how they took advantage of him and hurt me, he like has always wanted a relationship and was in one for 6 years before me so it is hard for him to grasp the ignorance of other men that take advantage of woman. Hope you find a lady that is young and not so damaged that wants to settle down as well.

    • Thank you :)

  • to me? yeah.

    I know I'm not ''drop dead gorgeous'' but it's the way I'm feeling now about all the relationships I've had - guys just wanna manipulate me.

  • I think the problem with being gorgeous is that guys get attracted to you easily. Of course, this is mostly on a superficial level. Then soon they discover that the gorgeous girl is not quite what they wanted. I believe that for girls who are average when it comes to looks, some of this can be eliminated. I'm what many people consider gorgeous and I have a really hard time finding someone who is actually serious, and not just for a couple of months. I know nothing is wrong with me, but I do think my love life would be easier if guys would see more in me initially than just a pretty face.

  • YES! Stupid guys who use women for their sexual pleasures are obviously attracted to those women who are drop dead gorgeous... But not even just those kinds of women. It happens to every kind of chick. If she's with guys who only use them until they get the thing they came for, and the girl is dumb enough to go with the exact same kinds of dudes, then obviously she's going to start believing that's her fault

  • everyone is going to say because they are conceided and slutty. But that is far from the truth.

    I think the more beautiful of a girl you are, the more screwed you are.

    Why is this?

    1.Because more man would rather f*** them than get to know them.

    2.They are more appreciated for their looks instead of what they can offer.

    3.They are seen more as an object than a person.

    I think the biggest part is that they are looked at as an object because of their beauty. And for a man to say "Oh I tapped that", it would be sure to impress a lot of other guys.

    I think these are the reasons, in general, of course it does not apply to everyone. This is just what I have observed.


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  • Every guy who pursues a girl wants to sleep with her at some point... Sex is a normal part of mature relationships. The question is which guys want more with her. For that she needs to rely more on her personality to attract and keep the guys that are compatible with her. If she relies on her looks, and she wants guys to pay for her all the time, then she's going to be treated like a target by a lot of guys. If she's willing to pay her own way, she shows her personality off, she's selective with the guys she dates, and she puts effort into building and keeping the relationship going then things will work out better. I think many times it's a cop out by girls that are lazy in relationships that all guys want to do is get into their pants, yet they want the guy to do everything in the relationship. It's selfish, it's tiring, and not worth it...

    Some guys end up dating girls and paying for everything and the girl expects it. The guy may realize he doesn't like her enough to stick with her, but her feels like he's invested so he sticks it out until he hits it a few times and then when he's sick of her attitude he bails. Other guys don't want anything serious and just want to sleep around... It's up to her to be selective with whom she sleeps with if she is showing bad judgement in the guys she dates, it does fall on her.

    If she can stand as her own woman, has proper boundaries, and she dates guys who really have things in common with her then she should have less of a problem. If they vibe, they will want more than sex. Guys stick around for the personality, not for looks, not for sex. A girl with a bad attitude can only get so far on looks alone. Not saying that's her case, but I've been involved with a number of bad girls with good looks, who I had to walk away from.

    So yes, I would say many good looking girls struggle with relationships because they have a since of entitlement. They use their looks to try and get what they want out of a guy, and in return get exploited by guys trying to get what they want out of her. If you play the dating game like that, then that's what you're going to get. If you actually try and build real relationships based on meaningful connections of personality and good communication then it's likely to go further. It tales effort from both people, and both have to want it to begin with.


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