Falling...for a gay guy...***HELP ME***

O.K. here it goes...sorry if its long

Now there is this coffee shop that I absolutely adore going to, everything is great about it except that 99.9 % of the waiters are gay...(not that its a bad thing...kinda..)

i have been going there FOREVER and only the past two or so months I have noticed a GORGEOUS guy that works there..black hair..blue eyes.. tanned, and a good body.. EXACTLY what I want in the looks department for a guy. Only Problem...

**HES GAY!**

Now I've known that most of them there are gay but I just didn't wanna believe that he was one of them!There's just this funny feeling I get every time I look at him. He's been my waiter quite a few times and he's alawys very friendly with me mostly, and quite clumsy aswell if I might add. I can't help but laugh when he drops things and he laughs back and goes BLOOD red...mean I know..cant help it.=)

when I usually go out to have drinks with friends or family he always stares my way..even when we aren't his table! Its like always full eye contact..

Now the last time I went to have some drinks he was our waiter once more, I ordered this yummy drink and he complimented on my taste etc and he always smiles, now when we left I smiled broadly and told him to have a great day and he seemed rather shocked and said the same to me.

ever since then he always smiles at me if we look at each other and I kinda just look away quickly. from the corner of my eyes I always catch him looking at me...unless he has a #### eye... which I guarantee he doesn't!

This is embarrassing for me that I have actually fallen for a gay guy that I don't even know! there seems more to him than looks..and gayness... I don't know if I should tell anyone about it. I am too embarrased to even tell my BEST FRIEND! I want to tell my brother but I don't know how to tell him. since id like him to maybe help me out..but gosh...

Now my big questions are...

1. WHAT SHOULD I DO! I only know his name and that's thanks to the name badge they have to wear!

2. Is it possible that a gay guy can turn straight?

3. Is it possible that he MIGHT even be interested in me? Personally I feel this strange connection...but I'm not sure..

4. What do you think about this whole situation?

thanx for reading!

okay well I found out by my brother that he is BI but he has a boyfriend...


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  • kinda funny,btw I'm not gay I'm just here to prove that girls deep inside are all lesbians lol! I mean falling 4 gay is like falling 4 a girl! no offense!

    _now let me answer ur questions my dear:

    1.i think you should find out if he's really gay,or it's just a reputation\rumors guys made to lessen the competition.

    2.gay guys were born straight but they chose the other road,so my answer is no,because they tested the both roads and stayed with the fag one.

    3-i think he's just being nice,maybe after all he's just doing it 4 the tips LOL.but there is always a possibility.

    4-i think this whole situation can be described in one word "IT'S GAY" LOL

    let me give you an advice:play a game with one of ur male friends,and when he loses dare him to go and hit on ur gay\crush. I think u'll get some answers after that without embarrassing yourself.

    good luck dear!please rate me high,cos I think gays won't go easy on me! ;-)


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  • If he is bi then he may find interest in you but if he is just gay then he wont. In case he is bi you have no problem do everything you do with a straight guy - flirt and all. And if he is just gay then just forget him. There is nothing you can do about it.

    • My brother knows him a little bit, he says that the guy is BI but he has a boyfriend...sigh.

    • Maybe ur brother is lying,i mean ur his sister after all,who wants to see his sis hanging with a hunk!

    • So then it's basically the same situation as when you fall for a guy having a gf. I would say keep your options open. Don't stop meeting other guys and then if they break up and you guys get together then it was meant to be.

  • 1. Hang out with him, if you want. It's harmless, as long as you don't expect anything.

    2. NO.

    3. Sure, there's a possibility. He could be bi.

    4. Get him away from the restaurant. Be ready to get shot down quickly and firmly, and if he doesn't, see where it goes.

  • Im sure he'd go Bisexual for you.

    • Ha! I really wish he would hey... he has a boyfriend though...

  • No, gay people can't turn straight. However, he might be bi.

    Try just being friends with him. Worst case scenario, he's gay and you'll have a friend that can pick out your clothes for you, like on will and grace.


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  • Well first of all he might not b gay lol. I mean..how do you actually KNOW that he's not if uve never really actually carried on a convo with him? I think next time you go there..by yourself..when he brings you your drink..casually mention that next time hell sit down and have one with ya. Then if he agrees and you two sit down and have a convo..pay attention to how he talks and what he talks about. Make casual convo..like "so what do you do when ur not workin"

    I've never had a crush on a gay guy lol but it shouldn't be embarrassing. One of my best friends are gay and a lot of girls that I know like him..knowing that he's gay lol

  • What makes you positive he is gay? Ask him out for drinks or a movie...you have nothing to lose and if he IS gay, maybe you'll get a great friend out of the deal!

  • How does he know that tho? I still think you should ask him yourself

  • I so understand you. Gay guys are so nice & they get us. I wish I could turn a gay guy straight.

  • He could be bi. But do you know for sure that he is gay? It doesn't sound like he is flamboyant, but neither is my brother and he is fully gay!

    • My brother knows him a little bit and told me he is BI. but one other problem is he has a boyfriend...