Girls,guy,not ugly, 6 foot 1 but is skinny?

never gain weight from eating loads of food and tries gym and still no gain yet. Should I just get on with it?
would you date this guy?


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  • i like skinny guys. don't waste your money , energy-doesn't pigging out make you tired?- & clog your arteries just to gan weight. & at least if your going to eat alot, don't eat crap. its not any healthier for a skinny person to eat badly.

    i think skinny looks much cleaner, neater, more graceful & attractive.

  • I love skinny guys personally. Don't let it get you down. Most chicks aren't hoping for a guy who looks like he's on roids and has no neck. Have more confidence in yourself. You'd be surprised how attractive you might actually be but might be too down on yourself to actually notice other girls checking you out, subtly flirting, ect.


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