Questions on my hair?

Over Christmas, I want change in my hair as in color and cut.

My color is currently a very dirty blond or dark/ashy blond. It is a bit uncolorful, but still goldish.

If I were to make it LIGHTER, would I have to use highlights or dye it to make actual change in color. In other instantces with people with darker blond hair trying to lighten it, there has been a very little difference in color.

SO would I have to use highlights on it or dying the whole head of hair?


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  • My hair isn't quite that dark but I just use a lightener, then toning shampoo and conditioner. Turns my hair almost platinum blond.

    John Frieda makes a good lightening shampoo and conditioner too.

    There are also natural ways to lighten your hair. Like with using lemon.

    • I might have to try that lightening shampoo and conditioner. thanks :)

  • My hair is pretty much the same as yours, dirty/ash blond, and I'm planning on getting highlights to make my hair a little lighter, but what I want is also something that will blend well enough with my natural hair as it grows. But I think if you were to get a lot of highlights it would make your hair lighter.


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