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I'm a guy and I have very thick straight hair, with a slight wave.

Is there a product I can use to make it just a tad straighter and thinner, to make it easier to style and easier to work with?


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  • There are products that make it straighter but not thinner. To make it thinner, you need to get it layered or thinned out at a salon or your local hairdresser. There are creams that makes your hair straighter like:

    link (works like a charm)

    But as a cheaper alternative: link

    Also, if you want it straighter for certain parts, like the really curly parts, try using a straightener. But it's time consuming.

    • Thank you, you were the only one who actually answered my question! Your link is exactly what I was looking for, thank you my good woman.

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    • Well, you certainly earned it :)

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  • I'd go get it layered, it'll help with the thickness of your hair and make it much easier to style.

    As for products try using a conditioner.

  • dry it with a blow dryer, and make sure you really get the ends. You might have to stretch out the ends on a hair brush to make sure you get them.


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