How to look naturally beautiful?

can you tell me how to look naturally great without make up? :) I just want to look natural not fake :)


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  • you'll need:

    -good skin (but you're a teen,that's pretty close to impossible)

    -nice hair

    -groomed eyebrows

    -comb your lashes (no,i'm not kidding)

    -smile a lot

    now,there are many people who don't have nice hair/clear skin and still look gorgeous,this is just a generalized list of things that make most people look pretty but effortless


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  • Suppose invest in the usual exfoliators and moisturisers... Taking care of what you have is a lot better than covering it in orange goo. I have about a million different products, including Coke Cola lip balm...

    • yeah I will try it I have lots of products too but maybe not the right ones :) it's just I don't wear that much make-up and definitely not orange because I am so pale but I really want to just wake up and go out without feeling so plain I am starting to rely on mascara, lipstick and eye shadow to feel good about myself and at the end of the day that's not what I want to be I feel fake :) thanks! I am going to keep looking for good skin products not make up:)

  • Everyone looks a lot better if they exercise regularly and eat lots of fruit - this is my experience at least. So go for a run each day, and enjoy oranges/apples/bananes like me ^.^

  • If you have to try then it's not natural.

    Case closed.

    • So taking care of your hygiene is not natural?

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    • Hell, the bottom line is be yourself and your natural beauty will speak for itself.

    • okaii :)

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  • Unless you're born that way, its impossible to be naturally beautiful without makeup. You can have good skin/eyebrows but if you're not attractive naturally then it really doesn't make a big difference.

    • im okay then because I am not ugly I have a boyfriend just I don't feel confident without makeup xxx

    • Then work on your confidence and learn to love how you look without makeup. This will make you feel naturally beautiful.

    • ok xx thanks :)

  • Just wear natural make up :S That's what I do. I'm hideous without makeup, haha, But the little make up I wear goes a long way.

    • o.m.g is your name alana? THAT'S MY REAL NAME! o.m.g I have never met anyone with the same name xxxx

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    • Alana's are awesome (Y)

    • totally :) xx

  • No matter how beautiful you are...every female looks better with some makeup. Even if it is very natural.

    Here are some natural ideas:

    Don't wear any makeup, just fill in your eyebrows. It will frame your face more, and will take away from that nude look which is worsened if your brows look pale and sparse. But I notice that sometimes if I JUST fill in my eyebrows my face already looks a lot more open and wide awake. Perfect brows really make a difference. Plus, if you have dark circles under your eyes conceal them. Between the brows and the concealer you aren't really wearing makeup just waking up your face and erasing imperfections.

    Play up your eyes slightly. Wear a very light dusting of liner and/or mascara and no lip or cheek color. Combine it with good brows and you will really look enhanced but natural as long as they are the right shades.

    But, if you insist on wearing absolutely no makeup, here are my tips:

    1) Make sure your skin is clear, and take good care of it.

    2) Make sure your brows are shaped well. Make sure they are clean and arched. Do not keep them too thick or thin. I highly highly recommend getting them threaded or waxed every few weeks as needed. This is REALLY a must if you don't wear makeup.

    3) Spend more time and attention on your hair. If I don't put on any makeup and I style my hair very nicely I still look put together. This basically means ironing it so it is sleek, smooth, and framing my face. But since I do wear some makeup I can let my hair be more loose and wavy and I'll still look good.

    4) Get as much sleep as you can. On those tired days, the dark circles will be worse and without concealer...they can get pretty damn bad.

    5) Glasses may be your blessing. If you look good in glasses, they add something to the face so it isn't just bare.

    6) Make sure your lips are smooth..use some Chapstick to keep them shiny. Or even Vaseline before you go to sleep and before you go out.

    7) Wear a nice outfit. I'm serious. If you are wearing a put together and sophisticated outfit like nice jeans, boots, and a nice sweater, and your hair is done nicely, you will look a lot less sloppy than sweats, a tee shirt, ANd no makeup.

    8) Wear your hair down..and long. Short hair or bobs seem to need makeup to complement them more than long hair does. I can't explain it but it is true. Perhaps because they are less feminine so the makeup is more essential. Or maybe because they look more styled so one would expect it with makeup. Don't go around with a ponytail and no makeup it just looks plain sloppy and juvenile.


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