Would you say that guys get judged for their height the same way girls get judged for their weight?

Girls say, think guys are the more shallow, superficial sex, but your weight is something you can change, unfortunately your height is something you can not, so girls definitely have it easier in this department, wouldn't you agree? Girls judge Guys for their Height the same way Guys judge Girls for their Weight.
people can control their weight but not their height


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  • Yes.

    And I find it ridiculous how we're allowed to talk about weight preferences but not height. Yes, I prefer tall guys.

    I don't measure guys when I'm interested but I generally have a good eye for how tall a dude is. The guy I'm involved with now is about 6'0, probably a bit taller, but I like that.

    So what, we're allowed preferences. People need to quit using height or weight as a crutch.

    • then why do girls label guys for being shallow?

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    • That's fine. Not my problem

    • wasn't trying to argue like that, basically what I'm trying to say is I'm tired of girls saying guys are more shallow

  • no... girls don't immediately look at height when checking a guy out, usually you have to be upclose for that... and even then, we're more forgiving of height issues

    • Um...even if a guy is standing off in the distance you can tell he's above or below average in height. Unless you are blind, then I profusely apologize with all my heart.

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    • nope. but you win some you lose some :)

    • yeah well then why do girls think guys have it easier?

  • i would say that sounds very accurate


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  • Probably. But my wife is overweight. I'm under-height. Together we bond well. I don't think someone so short was her first choice but she's adapted (and she says we're both the same height when we're horizontal). As for her weight - actually I think she's very sexy. I don't think I'd want someone skinny.

  • Not really in my opinion. I think a guy's weight is judged the same way as a girl's weight. They're both seen as unattractive qualities to have by both genders. I think a guy's height is similar to a girl's boobs, butt, etc, combined (but with a greater emphasis put on it). Now that I think about it, outside of the face, girls don't really have much to judge guys on. The only traits I can think of are height, muscle tone, and skin.

    • thats why girls have it easier, people can control their weight but not their height

  • Height is genetic, where weight is only partially. Women can control weight, but we can't decide our own height. I base judgement on how healthy a girl looks, including weight as a factor.

    • thats exactly what I mean, as to how girls have an advantage

  • yeah, women have more picky preferences

  • Dear Santa,

    Make me taller.


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