Why do people make silly categories for people?

Why do people say, ''all guys look at other women,'' & ''all guys look at p*rn?''

I Haven't ever had one boyfriend who looks at other girls, I didn't ask them, I just would notice that their eyes never wandered when we were out together.

I also Haven't had a boyfriend who watched p*rn, that I know of.Ive tried to put on p*rn once with a previous boyfriend and he told me to turn it off.

Now, I don't have a problem with any of these things, I just wonder why people think literally all men do these things, its a kinda silly stereotype.I notice that people say ''all men do it, they are hard-wired to.'' That can't be true, cos none of the guys I have been involved with have done it, I think that that is just an excuse so that men can do it without feeling guilt, as some girls would feel kinda insecure about it.

so why do people make silly categories for people? I've seen lots of qs on here about girl's boyfriends looking at other girls, & even the girls say that all men do it, they can't help it, its an uncontrollable urge.But isn't that what makes us different from animals?

Otherwise, women would have the urge to go for big built/tall men, because they would be ''the best protector.''

Also, women would bend over for any ''alpha male'' because that's what animals do, and if we all have urges that we can't control, we'd all be doing wild things like that.

I just think some people are different than others, but I definitely don't believe for a second that men are programmed or wired or whatever, to do anything.Because all of them can control, some maybe less than others, but its what separates us from animals.


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  • If you were saying 'my current boyfriend, who has a lowish sex drive, doesn't' which is what one poster said here, I might believe you.

    But the vast majority of men, when not with their partners, admit to doing this. I've encountered (online only!) a few who say they don't. They are rare. The odds that every guy you've dated was in that small group is extremely low.

    On the other hand, plenty of guys don't do it when WITH their partner, plenty of guys don't mention looking at p*rn, plenty of guys claim to their girlfriend not to look at other women.


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  • Just because his eyes don't move, doesn't mean he's not checking girls out... It's just natural for men to do it, were not trying to do it, it's just natural to look at something beautiful.

  • This is funny stuff.

  • I wish I was still young enough to be that innocent...


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