How do I fix my reputation?

I admit I have done sum stupid things in the past..but there's so much about me that arnt nearly true. I have a reputaion of being a hoe when I've only slept with 8 people in the last 7 years. How do I patch up my reputaion?


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  • as the other girl mentioned how do people know these things plenty girls sleep with way more guys but don't tell anyone and that's how they don't have a rep

    but being honest I know girls who have reps and the way it goes is once you have

    one ,you'll always have one. people won't care if you become a nun they'll still see the bad rep .thats just life I'm afriad

  • how do these people know these things?

    are your friends leaking them out?

    then you have to choose friends more carefully.

    are you flirting with guys that have girlfriends?

    i guess you need to do other things like in other fields.

    like focus on other things that won't make people think your a hoe.

    do you wear revealing clothes?

    think of the things you do in other people's shoes before you do them.