How to make my eyes big as possible?

Any beauty products, makeup I can use to make my eyes look bigger? Thank you. =)

I can't access YouTube so no links please.


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  • I have naturally big eyes.

    But here are some tips.

    First of all don't wear eyeliner in your inner rim. It closes the eyes

    Conceal under the eyes as needed to get rid of bags and dark circles

    Then take an eyeliner. Use a neutral shade of brown or black depending on how light your skin, hair and eyes are. Obviously the lighter, the lighter liner you use.

    Line your top lid. Stay as close to the lashes as possible and keep it straight and fairly thin. This may take practice, but when you learn how it looks great. Only line the outer 2/3 or so of the eye

    This step is optional, I personally look odd without anything on my bottom lashline but I have large eyes already. I dot liner in a lightline in between my bottom lashes, on the outer half.

    Then curl your lashes and apply mascara

    Always make sure your brows are shaped well, not too thick or thin, and fill them in with pencil or powder.


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  • -use white eye shadow on your lids,inner corner and brow bone

    -make sure you cover up your dark circles with concealer (don't use foundation it'll look cakey)

    -put white eyeliner on your waterline (inner corner too if the eye shadow isn't enough)

    -use darker eyeliner (I like purple and black) either in a cat eye,or simply use it to make your lash line look fuller,only use it on the top lid

    -same goes for mascara-dark,only on top

  • its not to YouTube...can you see this link? link

  • Since the girls below me gave you a lot of tips, here's just one, but I don't know if you want to use it. They're called circle lens; look them up :) I'm sorry I don't know much about them but I do know a lot of Asians use it and their eyes look dramatically larger than before.

  • Eyelash curler and a good mascara. Circle lenses.

  • white eyeliner


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