What do women think about men with crooked teeth?

Indeed my teeth are crooked. I didn’t have the fortune of having braces while I was a teenager, and there is no way I can afford them now. Sometimes I feel self-conscious about this.

Although my teeth are crooked, it is worth mentioning that I have never had any dental health issues - never had a cavity, a filling, a tooth removed, none of that. As far as I know my teeth are in excellent health and they always have been, they’re just not straight.

What do women think about men that don’t have straight teeth? Would you date somebody that does not have straight teeth?


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  • Not a big deal to me. :D

  • TBH the health doesn't matter. It is how they look that does. Some women don't care about teeth, others do. I personally do. It depends on the degree of imperfection. If one or two teeth are slightly crooked it's like whatever but if they are very out of shape then yes that would be a turn off in all honesty.


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