What's the next level???

ok so me and my girlfriend we've been going out for a while now and I'm not sure what to do next. we've had intense makeout sessions but nothing more how do I go a little further without going to far?


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  • Define a while.

    Define a little further.

    Define too far.

    ... Or not, 'cause it's easier to just say "blow job".

    • Okay well it's been a few months and I want to find the middle ground between making out and oral sex.

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    • Could you be more specific, like how do I initiate it and how to do it.

    • Go to redtube or something.

      And to initiate it? Why not just ask?

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  • First define a while, than we can provide a more accurate response.

    it depends on exactly what you are doing in these intense makeout sessions. if you are not already doing it feeling around over the clothes, first breasts, work your way to knees, next to outer thigh, move to inner thigh, etc

    all this can take time and depends on the girl I am not saying to go to all these places in a single makeout session, just start feeling and depending on the girl she can give hints on whether you are going too fast or slow.

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