He/She is wearing it ...AGAIN!! What are you thinking?

So I have this thing, that when I go out, and I know my crush is going to be there-wherever- I need to make sure I'm not wearing the same thing I was wearing last time I saw him. Anyone else like this?however I don't care If I see the guy in the same outfit lol.. It's just me.. I'd feel uncomfortable otherwise.. It annoys me too. when I'm with friends though, I don't care at all.. Repeat outfits all the time. Do y'all know what some reasons could be for this?


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  • I do the same thing as I think it makes me feel like I am making a effort for him and a new image a new memory


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  • You feel your clothes are a big part of your image, when a person see you in different outfits a lot, it gives the impression of success.


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  • I do the absolute same thing.


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