Am I doing enough?

So, I like this guy, and we are both shy. I smile at him, when he looks at me I touch my hair, but I don't know what else to do! Usually that's all I need. Is that straight forward enough? He stares at me a lot, and he smiled at me once but that's pretty much it. Do you think he is getting the hint? What should I do?


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  • Touching your hair is a subtle sign and can be construed as something else. (He may think you are just playing with your hair because your thinking about something...)

    It's also possible that he may know it's a sign, but doesn't think it's meant for him.

    Given that he's shy, he may also know you are flirting but he might have no idea what to do about it.

    Some other ideas would be to wave. Just a small wave to let him know you recognize he's looking at you. (And you don't mind.) Smile back at him to. Doing this also let's him know that you won't bite.

    When you pass by him say 'Hi, Bob!' (replace Bob with what his name actually is...) Which let's him know that you are open to conversation and that you know who he is.

    You could also just talk to him. But given that you said you are also shy, that may be something you may not want to do.

    • LMAO that was funny how you thought you had to clarify that I should replace "Bob" with his name.

      I'll try saying hi to him, knowing me, if I waved it would be totally awkward... lol.

      But do you also think it could be that he simply isn't interested? I have had experiences before where guys flirt with me then just stop.

      Thanks for the help!

    • Since he's a shy guy, that means he doesn't flirt just to flirt. And if he stops it's because he thinks that you don't want him to flirt with you...(For instance, he might tell himself that you think he's creeping you out by staring all the he'll try to stop for a few days, and then start again.)

      A totally awkward wave is better than no wave. He'll think it's cute.

    • Alright I'll give it a try, and you are completley right, he will stare at me one day and ignore me the next. Thank you so much for the advice! : )

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  • When he walks by give him a nice firm slap on the ass. haha, that would be great, people would talk about that forever. He won't miss the hint. lol

    Something more subtle... if you want to talk 1 on 1 I suggest slipping a note on to his lunch table during lunch, saying to meet somewhere like a library or wherever.

    Another silly idea would to wink at him, a lot. lol

    Start talking to him more, though. That's really the right answer. You could tlk online first, and transitition to in person. Orjust start with in person. Say Hi all the time. Sit at the same lunch table, or invite him to yours. Just be cool, don't get nervous. lol, it's very easy to say but hard to do.

  • He should TOTALLY get the hint by now...I mean if I am "caught" on purpose, looking at a girl, and they smile and touch their hair, that's when I'm praising and being thankful, because I know she likes me too. He must just be really shy. Try to initiate conversation. It should be his job, yes, but if he won't do it, one of you has to, or else it will never happen. And I don't think you want that.

    • Do you think he staring at me is a positive thing? Or do you think hasn't talked to me because he isn't interested or playing games or something...

    • If he's giving you looks, and you are giving him looks back, and he continues, then the looks are most likely positive. He could be playing games...but the best way to figure that out is to initiate conversation. If he continues to talk to you day after day, then he prob isn't teasing.

    • See that's a big problem, we haven't exactly talked yet... kinda sad, I know.

  • xosunshine you sound lyk the kinda womanz I like


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  • usually body language is not enough, especially for shy type guy who is not confident to make a move. How about you take the first initiative to have a conversation.pretty much you have more confident than him. Slowly but surely he will break the "wall of shyness" between you two.