How to conquer my stupid cowlick?

its on the left side (while facing me) on my head and it seems no matter what hairstyle I have it ends up looking like crap because of it and I'm totally sick of it!


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  • When you take a shower, brush it the way you like your hair parted/styled that day. Depending on how thick your hair is, you might have to constantly wet your cowlick so it can weigh down the hair and stay in that shape/position. If it's an extreme change, I've notice it takes a few days+shower for the hair to adjust the roots to my new hairstyle. Another option is to use hairspray.

    • ill try brushing my hair (dont judge I have super curly hair and the curls mess up if brushed) and see if that helps. I may go straight for a week or so thanks!

    • Ooo curly hair.. I never had to work with curly hair before, but from what I've seen girls do instead then is use an curling iron. So after showering and drying your hair, instead of brushing (if you don't brush or comb your hair at all), use an curling iron on your cowlick.

    • i can't get it close enough to the scalp or I will burn my head. I think ill just straighten for a month or 2 till my hair is a little longer to weigh it down some thanks :)

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  • Is it like straight down on one side and kinda going up on the other?

    • ya

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    • about shoulder length but I had it mid neck over the summer and my cowlick was horrible.

    • I usually keep mine short

      My pics show the longest it's been in a while

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  • tease your hair so that it hides your cowlick.

    that or wake up early in the morning, take a shower, and style your hair. I usually get really bad cowlick when I sleep in bed.

    • i would do that but my hair is already super thick and curly so I would have a total fro lol but thanks!

  • Maybe some gel or hairspray might help?

    • hairspray hasn't and gel makes my hair look like I haven't washed it in months. but thanks!

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