Why do really attractive people think that's all it takes?

Really hot chica are always hitting on my husband and making ruse remarks. Attractive people common about being single. Why do they think looks and looks alone should get them what they want all the time?
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  • Physical attraction is very important to men, but it's not the ONLY thing important and you don't need to be a perfect 10 like some people make it out to be, just keep a reasonable weight, smell nice and don't have a third arm sticking out of your head.

    Some women I think are so far sold on the idea that looks are the be all and end all in a relationship with a guy that their inflated ego would not let them think otherwise. These are the women that try to redefine "cougars" as anything but a young guy wanting to get some easy booty and maybe a free lunch from an older woman.


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  • I think looks just add to the natural confidence one builds in themselves. For the people that simply rely on looks, I think they are over arrogant in themselves.

    I personally think looks should be just one of many tools that are used to connect to others, not the only tool.

  • Because it tends to work, at least for the short term.


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